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Problems and Challenges Encountered by In-premise Restaurant Managers of Tuguegarao City

Cagurangan Glen C

The rapid development of the restaurant industry in Tuguegarao City often depends closely with the employees training, turnover rate, and unpredictability of distinct challenges faced by the restaurant managers. Therefore it is necessary that they must implement strategies and develop set of solutions in order to facilitate the improvement of these problems. Indeed the overall success of the restaurant industry lies in the sound and outstanding management of the restaurant managers. The study sought to find out the problems and challenges encountered by in-premise restaurant managers of Tuguegarao City and develop an intervention plan to address the identified problems and challenges. The research approach, design and method that were used in the study were the descriptive design using survey method. In this descriptive survey, the researchers floated questionnaires to the selected in-premise restaurant managers of Tuguegarao City. The study was conducted from February to June 2017. It investigated the extent of the most pressing problems in terms of human resource in the aspects of employees work values, compensation, performance and competency and seminars and trainings. The researchers concluded that the in-premise restaurant managers share common problems and challenges in terms of employees’ work values, performance and competency as well as trainings and seminars. Moreover, some variables contribute to the most pressing problems and challenges which pinpoint areas of intervention for each in-premise restaurants.