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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
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Prevalence of Ocular Surface Disease in Patients with Glaucoma using Topical Antiglaucoma Medications

Freja Barisic, Iva Krolo, SmiljkaPopovic-Suic, Irena Sesar, Marija Simic-Prskalo and Zdravko Mandic

Purpose: To establish the prevalence of ocular surface disease (OSD) in glaucoma patients using topical intraocular pressure-lowering (IOP) therapy and to compare the frequency and severity of symptoms with the control group of normal subjects.
Methods: This prospective, multicenter, observational study included patients with glaucoma in four different Departments of Ophthalmology. A matched group of normal subjects served as controls. For each patient we have collected detailed family history, clinical records and calculated ocular surface disease index (OSDI) scores (0-100), based on the information obtained from OSDI questionnaires.
Results: In total, we have evaluated 160 patients. Of those, 110 were glaucoma patients and 50 were normal subjects. Among 110 glaucoma treated patients 83 (75%) had OSDI scores indicating mild to severe OSD. Among 50 patients without glaucoma 15 (30%) had OSDI score indicating mostly mild to moderate OSD. The severity of symptoms correlates with the number of IOP medications used and the duration of treatment.
Conclusion: This study confirms the high prevalence of OSD in patients treated for glaucoma with topical IOP medications. The adverse effect of these agents can influence the compliance and successful treatment of glaucoma patients.