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Positive Effects of Acupuncture on Menstrual Irregularity and Infertility in a Patient with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Sahin AE, Cayir Y and Akcay F

Introduction: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an important health problem seen in fertile women. Treatment in women with PCOS is commonly symptomatic. Positive effects of acupuncture on menstrual frequency and androgenic hormone levels have been demonstrated, as well as in some diseases with endocrinological disorders such as PCOS. Here, a patient who had presented with menstrual irregularity and infertility and had regular menstruations and pregnancy after acupuncture treatment is presented.

Case Report: A 32-year-old female presented to receive acupuncture treatment for menstrual irregularity, obesity, and infertility. She was diagnosed with PCOS ten years ago. The patient had menstrual irregularity for five years and amenorrhea for the last one year, and discontinued using combined oral contraceptives due to weight gain. Her body mass index (BMI) was 32.9 kg/m2. Her laboratory values were FSH: 4.34 mIU/ml, LH: 5.15 mIU/ml, and TSH:1.87 uIU/ml. Patient was given 24 acupuncture treatment sessions twice a week in three months. Bilateral we selected LI4, ST36, SP6, GB34, CV5, CV6, CV12, GV4, Yintang, Taiyang acupuncture points, also ear shenmen, ear gastric point. The patient started to have regular menstruation during her follow-up. She lost 8 kg in three months and her BMI was 29.7 kg/m2. She became pregnant after two months and could not continue acupuncture treatment.

Discussion: Acupuncture is thought to provide ovulation through its effects on the neuroendocrine system, metabolism, and ovarian blood flow in anovulatory conditions, such as PCOS. In addition, it provides good results for infertility through its effects on immune function and mood. Our patient, who was infertile, got pregnant after acupuncture.

Conclusion: This case demonstrated that the use of acupuncture seemed to be helpful for menstrual irregularity and infertility in a patient with PCOS.