Penile practure with complete urethral transection our experience in the management of 28 years old man | Abstract
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Penile practure with complete urethral transection our experience in the management of 28 years old man

Muhammad Ujudud Musa, Sadiq Muhammad, Hassan Dogo and Bashir Yunusa

Introduction: Penile fracture is a rare catastrophic urological emergency characterised by sudden painful cracking sound followed by immediate detumescence and swelling usually occurring during awkward conjugal position with the man hitting the pubic bone or other forms of blunt trauma to the erect penis, it is recorded in about 1 in 175,000 hospital admission, the thin out tunica albuginea is traumatically ruptured with or without the urethral disruption which can be complete urethral transection.

Case report: our patient is a 28 years newly married business young man who presented to our hospital on his first marriage life with a history of sudden painful penile swelling followed by immediate detumescence while consummating his marriage with his wife, he was in obvious painful distress not pale not dehydrated, his vital signs were stable and Abdominal examination revealed a tender full bladder and swollen tender penis with deviation to left and blood at the tip of the meatus, he was resuscitated and emergency suprapubic catheter inserted, gave him an analgesics and antibiotics, his FBC and U,E and Cr were within normal limits, he was prepared and had repair through a circumcision incision under GA in a supine position intra-operatively we found tunica albuginea tear of about 8cm in diameter with an over lying hematoma with associate complete urethral transection, we pass a urethral catheter and repaired the urethra with vicryl 3 0 suture and the tunica albuginea was repaired with the same type of suture, he did well post operatively and had the urethral catheter removed on the 21 day and the SPC catheter 3 days after.

Conclusion: Penile fracture is a rare urological emergency which need an urgent intervention so as to avert the consequent physiological and psychological derangements associated with it.

Published Date: 2021-05-17; Received Date: 2021-05-05