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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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Participatory Evaluation and Selection of Improved Tef Varieties in Agro pastoral areas of Guji Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Basha Kebede, Girma Teshome, Kebna Assefa, Obsa Chimdessa, Seyoum Alemu and Yared Tesfaye

The trial was carried out during 2015 and 2016 cropping seasons in Wadera district on 3 pastorals and agro pastoralists field on one kebele based on Tef production potentials. Accordingly, Andowa Keno kebele was selected. Three varieties (Kuncho, Boset and Tsedey) including local check were evaluated with the objective of selecting adaptable and best performing Tef variety under farmers management. The combined analysis of variance done over two years show that there was significant difference between treatments. The combined mean grain yields of Tsedey and Boset varieties were 17.67 and 15.81 qt/ha while remained higher than the local check (9.65/ha). The yield of Kuncho (10.78 qt/ha) was also higher than the local. The combined analysis of variance revealed the mean values of grain yield ranged from Kuncho 9.65 qt/ha to Tsedey 17.67 qt/ha. Kuncho and the local gave 10.78 and 9.56 qt/ha respectively. Agro pastoralists’ selection criteria were grain yield, seed color, lodging character, maturity character/earliness and market value. Based on their selection criteria, agro pastoralists preferred Tsedey and Boset for early maturity, market value, grain yield, very white seeded color and lodging character. Since, both varieties were preferred by agro pastoral community they were recommended to be scaled up for further expansion in the agro pastoral area.