Parentsand#8217; Expectations and Satisfaction on Pediatrics Clinic | Abstract
Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine
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Parents’ Expectations and Satisfaction on Pediatrics Clinic

Berna Eren Fidanci, Filiz Arslan and Kursat Fidanci

Parents whose child is in hospital are generally in anxiety because of the foreign environment and child’s disease. This condition of uncertainty also makes them worried. Therefore, the expectations of parents of hospitalized children and how much of this expectation in the hospital were met must be set forth. The aim of this study; is to investigate what the expectations of parents about their child's care were, how care and treatment practices affect parents’ satisfaction and what kind of a relationship between the expectation and the satisfaction. The research was implemented during the timeframe of January-April 2008 by using face-to-face interviews with the parents of children at the age of 0-18 years in pediatrics clinic by means of two questionnaires. Parents completed one questionnaire immediately after their child’s admission and the second after hospital discharge. As a result, mothers are mostly satisfied with the approach of doctors and nurses except the expectation “caring about children’s home routines”. Supportive approach of health care personal adds a big deal to satisfy parents’ expectations. Keeping communication channels open, answering their questions and giving the best care available are respective ways to catch better standards in health care