Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy

Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy
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Pancreas Transplantation-Surgical Technique

Eleazar Chaib, Rubens A Macedo, Vinicius Rocha Santos and Luiz Augusto Carneiro DÂ’Albuquerque

Pancreas transplantation is performed to establish a normoglycemic state and to favorably influence the secondary complications of diabetes. Before pancreas retrieval the surgeons must inspect the organ to decide whether it is transplantable, to identify abnormalities in the hepatic arterial supply, to avoid traumatic injury to the pancreas during retrieval, and to procure an intact iliac bifurcation for back-table arterial reconstruction.Our aim is to describe the standard surgical technique for pancreas transplantation debating technique for exocrine drainage such as bladder versus enteric drainage.