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Online Privacy Concerns and Awareness Model in E-Retailing

Pooja Yadav and Neha Singh

‘e’ is gaining the impetus in almost all the fields today. The whole thing is getting digitally enabled including the business. All the businesses are trying to reap the benefits of technology to boost their profits. The Internet has become one of the important channels to carry out the business activities and retail sector being no exception is adapting the technology at a very fast pace. But at the same time these e-retail stores are facing threats related to the online privacy concerns. With the increase in consumer base there had been an increase in the cases related to data theft and other online frauds. Online Privacy concerns are emerging as one of the major considerations among the Internet users, particularly when they are using online services related to money transactions and data sharing. Further these concerns are getting higher because the users are becoming more and more aware of the significance of their digital privacy. The paper discusses various privacy concerns in relation to e-retailing and furthers it narrates the connection of these privacy concerns with the trust of customers on e-retail sector.

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