Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
Open Access

ISSN: 2319-7285


Online Consumer Behavior: An Exploratory Study

Namita Bhandari and Preeti Kaushal

Online shopping is gaining momentum in India. With internet penetration improving in the country, smart phones becoming affordable and lifestyles becoming hectic, the way people used to shop are changing. Also with a huge chunk of young and working population, Indian demographics are a delight for e-commerce retailers. But to gain the trust and attention of Indian consumers in this virtual shopping world there are many aspects of consumer behavior which need to be explored. What exactly is Indian consumer thinking when he is buying online, what are his expectations, apprehensions, anxieties and phobias which e-retailers need to overcome. Is an Indian online consumer comfortable with the click-of-the mouse buying, any improvements or areas which he thinks need to get addressed, any specific part of online buying which delights him. To answer such queries the present study gives an insight. This study aims to identify the main factors which an online buyer considers while making online purchases by using factor analysis. The results have shown various reasons like trust, information, convenience, experience, effortless shopping and bargain because of which consumers do online shopping

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