Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering

Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
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ISSN: 2168-9792



On the Modeling of Light Aircraft Landing Gears

Arif Nadia, Rosu Iulian, Lebon Fred´eric and Elias-Birembaux Hel`ene

Light aircrafts are designed to be used in both developed and undeveloped areas of a country. Hard landing conditions such as shocks and rebounds may occur. In this context, a good, efficient, robust and easy to maintain landing gear is vital. Its main role is to dissipate the energy of the impact. The aim of this work is to study an innovative light aircraft landing gear equipped with a damper. The study includes comparing its dissipation performance with two traditional light aircraft landing gears: a classical flat spring landing gear and a landing gear with Sandow cords. These systems’ modeling is carried out through three steps. Firstly, Bush tire is modeled with finite elements considering tire geometry and material specificities. Secondly, combined finite elements with structural elements are used to model the different landing gear systems. Thus, stress, deformation and energy within landing gears components could be obtained. Finally, aircraft rolling simulations are conducted. Systems’ transient responses while rolling over ramp are evaluated, as well as the efforts and rebound displacements transmitted to the aircraft. A dissipation efficiency comparative study between the landing gears is conducted. In addition, the influence of simulation’ conditions such as inflation pressure, rolling velocity or runway flatness is investigated.