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Minimal Quasi-absorbent in Groupoid-lattice II

Yengkhom Satyendra Singh, Mohd. Rais Khan and Benaki Lairenjam

Otto. Steinfeld introduced the concept of quasi-ideal in his paper 00On ideal-quotients and prime ideals(1953)00. Much of Steinfeld’s contributions to quasi-ideals is contained in his monograph 00Quasi-ideals in rings and semigroups(1978)00. In the paper (with R´edei) 00Einiges ¨uber gruppoid-Verb¨ande mit Anwendungen auf Gruppen, Ringe, Halbgruppen (1974)00, the authors generalized concepts from groups, ring, and semigroups to groupoid lattices. In our paper[5], we have introduced the notion of semiprime absorbent in groupoid lattices. Here in this paper we will discuss some properties of minimal quasi-absorbent using semiprime absorbent in groupoid lattices.