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Marketing a Potential Tourism Destination - A Case Study of Nsanakang in Eyumojock Subdivision

Evaristus Nyong Abam

An environment when properly developed and managed, tourism can serve as a mechanism for protecting the natural environments, preserving historical archaeological and religious monuments and stimulating the practice of local cultures, folklore, traditions, arts and crafts, and cuisine, indeed tourism touches on every aspect of the economy. The image of a country altogether covers the political, economic, historical and cultural aspects.. Destination image is the attitude, perception, beliefs and ideas one hold about a particular area formed by the cognitive image of a particular destination. The overwhelming majority of tourists are mostly concern about their personal safety when travelling. Political instability, treat of war or war, terrorist incidents and crime have a major negative impact on tourists destination image and on their arrivals. There are still a lot of potentials in Nsanakang and other villages in Eyumojock subdivision unexploited and they have the capacity to boast the tourism industry. The travel and tourism industry is no different from other industries as it has always promoted the products and services they sell to their customers. They do not look the same or use the same type of promotional materials or displays and the promotion may not be aimed at everyone.