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Managing People in Social Entrepreneurship Ventures - Top Two Takeout’s from a Doctoral Survey

Mir Shahid Satar

The paper aims to share the excerpts from a survey conducted in Indian social entrepreneurship ventures and pinpoint practical implications for navigating human resource management (HRM) dilemmas in small businesses. Based on the findings of survey data, the researcher explored the HRM dimension in social enterprises. Several post survey interviews were also conducted with the HRM practitioners of select social enterprises. The analysis while identifying the HRM challenges in social enterprises lead to the discovery of two dimensions i-e authentic leadership and community engagement, which interestingly navigate many challenges of managing people in social enterprises. A focus on community engagement means that leaders authentically engage, enable and empower people which arguably are a key to navigating many HRM challenges of new and young firms. The paper details the unique community engagement strategy and authentic leadership practice that gives the social enterprises the flexibility to align HRM practices in resource constrained environment.