Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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Management Systems Framework for Addressing Farmers Constraints in Cross River State of Nigeria

Osagie Roland Omoregbee and Tiko Iyamu

In many rural areas of African countries, Nigeria included, agriculture is the core source of livelihood. In some areas, agricultural products are mainly for family consumption. Even though, some of the farmers aimed to extend their produce for both local and international markets. However, agriculture sector is characterized by many challenges, of both technical and non-technical nature, leading to its drastic decline in many African countries. This study was carried to gain deeper understanding of the challenges which causes the decline of agricultural produce. Based on the finding and our understanding, a Management Systems Framework was developed. The framework is intended to improve the agriculture sector in Cross River State of Nigeria. Data was gathered from the repository of the National productive Centre, Cross River State region. The data was interpretatively analyzed, and some of the findings include lack of accessibility to modern technical and social infrastructures, government’s interest in crude oil at the expense of agriculture, and lack of basic facilities, such as water and roads.