Male Genital Tuberculosis | Abstract
Mycobacterial Diseases

Mycobacterial Diseases
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Male Genital Tuberculosis

Tarik Yonguc and Ibrahim Halil Bozkurt

Genitourinary system is the most common extrapulmonary site after lymph node involvement affected by tuberculosis (TB). TB can affect whole male genital organs; epididymis, testis, prostate, seminal vesicle, vas deferens, scrotal skin, bulbourethral glands and penis. Although male genital TB (MGTB) is reported rarely in the literature, most of the cases are overlooked. It is not always very easy to diagnose MGTB because there is no pathognomonic sign. Sometimes, it can be difficult to differentiate TB orchitis from testicular cancer. If laboratory and radiological findings are not enough for diagnosis then biopsy and surgical procedures such as epididymo-orchiectomy may be required.