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Literary Tourism as a Modern Approach for Development of Tourism in Tajikistan

Alimohammad Zare Bidaki and Sayyed Hassan Hosseini

The word “tourist” has been used to mean travellers, for about two centuries, and tourism as a market has passed many ups and downs and has had great changes. Nowadays millions of people go on tours and billions of dollars are circulated in global tourism. Demands of tourism marketing are expanding rapidly and they are not limited to certain types of tourism such as travel to beaches neither for some predetermined purposes anymore. The formation of different tourism types like agritourism, ecotourism, adventure travel, geotourism, and literary tourism that indicate the wide range and extent of global demand in tourism market. Such an extended market provides the opportunity for different tourism destinations to attract tourists from its global market regarding compatibilities and priorities. In this article literary tourism as a modern approach for Tajikistan is explained and also pointed to benefits of literary tourism for development of Tajikistan.