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Enzyme Engineering
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Less is More: Enzymes Inspiring the Breakthroughs alongside Shining on Engineered Genes, Genome Editing, and/or Transgenics

Yue Zhang

To date, the luciferase in reporter assays and the gateway toolkit are among our routinely- used reagents [1,2], and the latter also facilitates the large-scale gene cloning so that we can switch to pick up ones of interest from the genome-wide ready- to- use collections [3]. However, it was particularity a small number of enzymes that probably have advanced huge successful stories in research of biology and medicine. They actually help us perform the special- pediment DNA cloning, genome editing and transgenics. This has greatly enlightened us. Interestingly, the toolkit equipped with one of them, e.g. Cre/lox (Flp /FRT) recombinase system for gene targeting has already been awarded the Nobel Prize [4]. We would hence like to expect more cases among them in the future.