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Interrelationship among Lipid Profiles, Arterial Stiffness, and Nitroglycerin-mediated Vasodilation in the Community-based Setting of the Japanese Women

Kazumi Fujioka*, Minoru Oishi, Akira Fujioka, Tomohiro Nakayama and Masahiro Okada

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether interrelationship among lipid profiles including nonhigh-density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-HDL-C) and lipid ratio, arterial stiffness and vascular smooth muscle cell function are demonstrated in a cross-sectional setting of the community-based Japanese women.

We studied 42 women were enrolled in this study. The lipid parameters were assessed including non- HDL-C, triglyceride/HDL-C (TG/HDL-C) ratio, total cholesterol/HDL-C (TC/HDL-C) ratio and low density lipoprotein cholesterol/HDL-C (LDL-C/HDL-C) ratio. Arterial stiffness was evaluated by brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) procedure. Brachial artery measures including flow-mediated vasodilation (FMD), nitroglycerinmediated vasodilation (NMD), brachial artery diameter (BAD), FMD/NMD ratio and post-nitroglycerin brachial artery diameter (P-NTGD) examinations were studied in all subjects by using brachial artery ultrasonography. Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) function was assessed by NMD.
There were significantly positive correlations between non-HDL-C and right baPWV (r=0.47, p=0.003), between TG/HDL-C and right baPWV (r=0.42, p=0.01), and between TC/HDL-C and right baPWV (r=0.44, p=0.006). There were significantly positive correlations between non-HDL-C and left baPWV (r=0.48, p=0.003),
between TG/HDL-C and left baPWV (r=0.35, p=0.035), and between TC/HDL-C and left baPWV (r=0.37, p=0.026). There were significantly negative correlations between non- HDL-C and NMD (r=-0.45, p=0.003), between TG/HDL-C and NMD (r=-0.35, p=0.025), and between TC/HDL-C and NMD (r=-0.36, p=0.021).Correlations between NMD and right baPWV (p=-0.42, p=0.009) and between NMD and left ba PWV (p=-0.51, r=0.001) were also significantly recognized. Interrelationship among non-HDL-C, baPWV, and NMD and among lipid ratios including TG/HDL-C, TC/HDL-C, baPWV, and NMD was found.

Interrelationship among lipid fractions, arterial stiffness and VSMC function was shown and lipid profiles may be respectively associated with structure and function alterations of VSMC rather than endothelial dysfunction. We will suggest that lipid fractions may reflect the structure and function changes of VSMC in the cross-sectional setting of the community-based Japanese women.

Published Date: 2019-12-09; Received Date: 2019-10-29