Insights from an Online Yoga Class | Abstract
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Insights from an Online Yoga Class

Sunita Wadhawan

Traditionally, Yoga has always been taught one to one, in fact the physical presence of the teacher has been an absolute necessity in Yoga and for all forms of physical, mental and spiritual development. Yoga classes have seen people lining up to learn from an experienced Yogi or yogini. Despite the challenges of distance and time, people have always been walking into a class to learn. The benefits of yoga have always pushed people towards it and people have taken great pains to attend Yoga Classes. Lock down and social distancing have been the biggest challenges the pandemic has brought down unto us. In times like this, a yoga class would be essential since it helps reduce stress and brings about a positive attitude. With the whole world opting to work online, study online, the idea of an online yoga class took seed. Sunita Wadhawan explored this area by conducting a month-long, live, online yoga class. Different yogic exercises both physical and mental were carried out by students under the watchful guidance of the teacher through technology. This paper discusses the challenges and advantages of an online yoga class specifically its need in testing times. “A yogi is not only flexible in his/her body but also finds creative ways to solve a problem” Says Sunita Wadhawan. It is this adaptability and openness that led to these online classes. The outcome of these classes was recorded through a questionnaire and on evaluation of the responses, it was found that all the traditional thought about importance of physical proximity of the teacher and student could be after all a myth. Yoga classes could very well be conducted online and its effectiveness not compromised at all. In fact the classes ensured a diverse and geographically spread out group could come together as a class. The teacher was also quite satisfied with the progress of the group. Online Yoga classes could well be the future of Yoga and its dissemination throughout the world.

Published Date: 2021-02-24; Received Date: 2021-02-03