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Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
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Inhibitory Effect of Isoflavones from Processed Soybeans on Human DNA Topoisomerase II Activity

Isoko Kuriyama, Hiromi Yoshida, Yoshiyuki Mizushina and Yoshihiro Takahashi

In this study, we found that the amount of isoflavones in (1) steaming germinated soybean was higher than that of (2) soybean boiled in water and (3) steamed soybean. Moreover, genistein, a major soy isoflavone, selectively inhibited the activity of human topo II. Therefore, steaming germinated soybean, which has high amount of genistein, might be a cancer preventive food through the inhibition of topo II activity.

Published Date: 2013-05-12; Received Date: 2013-03-28