Indian Tourism Market: An Overview of Emerging Trends and Development | Abstract

Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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Indian Tourism Market: An Overview of Emerging Trends and Development

Dr. Rajashri Ramesh Chavan and Dr. Sarang Shankar Bhola

The Paper discusses the Indian tourism scenario to the extent of tourism policy, trends and development in tourism market, various campaigns and new product development in India. Paper based on secondary data to probe into the Government annual reports, newspapers, websites, published and non-published documents. It found that there is significant improvement in growth of tourist arrival and Foreign exchange earnings. There was a dramatic and appreciable growth rate for Indian tourism Scenario. The first public milestone in the history of tourism was the creation of the Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), in 1966. National Tourism Development Policy, 2002 introduced with the principles of positioning tourism as a major engine of economic growth and that removes the large exercise of unplanned tourism development. Tourism policy highlights seven key areas viz. Swagat (Welcome), Soochna (Information), Suvidha (Facilitation), Suraksha (Safety), Sahyog (Cooperation), Samrachna (Infrastructure Development), and Safai (Cleanliness)that would provide the thirst to tourism development. Public Road Shows and mass media communication in newspapers, Television, and outdoors media create general awareness about the Atithi Devo Bhavah program. Under the Incredible India Online Campaign, a domestic online campaign was launched to promote tourism within the country. New product development such as Golf tourism, Cruise tourism, river cruise, adventure tourism like skiing, paragliding and mountaineering, medical tourism, wellness tourism, Sustainable or Eco tourism, Accessible tourism etc. Recently Poll tourism is emerges in Indian market.