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Implementation of Wright and Ayre Stuttering Self-Rating Profile in the Saudi Subjects Who Stutters

Abdulaziz Almudhi

Objectives: The aim of this study was to identify systematically, appraise and synthesize evidence on interventions to assess stuttering in Saudi adults who stutter with WASSP and to determine how applicable to identify patients of potential obstacles to successful outcomes following intervention. Methods: In this study, 5 Saudi male adults who stutter were recruited. The pre-phase and post-phase well prepared questionnaire was given to fill with sign consent form. Results: The 5 subjects were frequently more comfortable in post-phase than the pre-phase. In pre-phase, the subjects were severely affected with different forms of stutters like frequency, uncontrollable and urgency. Conclusion: The results of this study conclude the identifying the importance of stuttering and the opinion on WASSP and assessment in Saudi adults who stutter.