Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Impact of Participatory Management on Employee Performance: A Case of MOI University

Ezekiel Kipkorir Mutai, Thomas K. Cheruiyot and Joseph Kiprono Kirui

Participatory management approach has become part and basal of management in modern organization and its relevance in Moi University cannot be gainsaid. This study sought to: identify the forms of participative mechanisms used at Moi University and investigate the employee views toward participatory management system. A survey design was adopted as a framework to guide the study and targeted 2536 employees. A sample of 507 was selected. A questionnaire and interview schedule were used to collect data, The findings of study indicated that participation management was beneficial to the organization in many ways such as boosting the employee morale , improving quality of decision and trust between management and. However it implementation in public institution must be done within the limits set in the statutes that created the organization. It was concluded that participatory management has not been very effective in Moi University because of management’s reluctance to share power, non-liberal information sharing, and crisis of confidence and on the part of employees representations. It was recommended that university management should try to introduce changes that would reduce the current bureaucratic procedures that are in place in order to expand the space for employee participation. Further research should be done on legal constrain on implementation on participatory management.