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Impact of Entrepreneurship Training on Performance of Small Enterprises in Jaffna District

Logendran Mayuran

Sri Lankan government has developed strategies and promotion programs aimed at promoting the Small Medium Enterprise sector. Entrepreneurship training has been cited as one of the most important of these. This research aimed at studying the impact of entrepreneurship training on performance of small enterprises. The conceptual framework takes the form of a structural equation model where entrepreneurial behavior is seen as a product of the training program. Training on customer care, Quality maintenance, marketing and financial management have been considered under this model. Data were collected through questionnaires obtained from 60 employees from Small enterprises from Jaffna District. The study utilized correlation and regression statistics to analyze the data. The findings showed a significant positive impact of entrepreneurship training on performance of small enterprise. From the linear regression analysis, can be concluded that entrepreneurship training contributed 85% towards the performance of small enterprise in Jaffna district. The result of the study has valuable implications for policy makers, researchers, existing and potential entrepreneurs