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Human Development, Premise for Socio-economic Development

Daniela-mihaela Neamțu and Oana-georgiana Ciobanu

Development is a preamble of improvement of the quality of life and includes both materials such as infrastructure, housing quality and living standards in general, but also spiritual elements such as education, freedom of expression and cultural manifestation. People are instruments and beneficiaries, as well as victims of all development activities. Their active involvement in the development process is the key to success. An important feature of human development reveals that economic and social development is done by humans and, therefore, must be created and perfected human potential based on investment in humans and also in fields of education and culture, vocational training and health. In this approach, we will highlight the existence of correlations between human development and economic growth. Using the documentation and literature review identifies key factors of assessing the present situation of scientific research and European practice.

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