Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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High Frequency Ultrasound in Aesthetic Dermatology Novel Research for the Use of 18 MHz Shearwave Elastography for Pre and Post Therapy Assessment: A Pilot Study

Kathryn Malherbe*

Ultrasound elastography (USE) is an imaging technology sensitive to tissue stiffness and in recent years’ technology has enabled methods to add quantitative measurements of tissue stiffness. Most dermatologists and cosmetologists are not aware of the many useful properties of ultrasound in the clinical setting. Dermatologists interest for improved diagnostic techniques lies within the renewed medical interest in medical aesthetics application. Ultrasound can also be utilized to assess the skin’s response to treatments such as laser, mesotherapy or photodynamic therapy. Previous studies in the field of aesthetic dermatology were limited to indentometry and cutometry. Indentometry is highly subjective with low levels of accuracy and reproducibility reported from previous study findings. Cutometry is used for elasticity measures, but is not representative of the entire region of interest. Latest SWE technology provides an objective, noninvasive, whole body skin assessment. 18-22 MHz frequency probes have been shown to produce a lower signal to noise ratio, but previous studies to this extent is limited and requires further research output. Objective, non-invasive methods are there for required in practice to quantify physiological changes in the skin. Through these methods, diagnostic proficiency can be increased. The severity and progress of aging can be quantified to assess treatment outcomes.

Published Date: 2019-04-16; Received Date: 2019-01-07