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Harnessing Cultural Heritage for Tourism Development in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects

BANKOLE and Adeyinka Oladayo

Nigeria is vast in tourism potentials, historic towns and highly diversified cultural heritage embodying people‟s traditions, religion and belief systems, festivals and ceremonies. The capacity of these symbolic representations of people‟s values, identity, and heritage to earn Nigeria substantial revenue is not in doubt. However, the inability to transform them to tourism assets has been a major concern to stakeholders. This paper examines Nigeria‟s vast cultural heritage and the prospect of harnessing them towards tourism sector development. The paper synthesizes both primary and secondary information on cultural heritage in Nigeria. The discourse shows that tourism development in Nigeria is encumbered with many systemic problems. The „loss‟ and the rebuilding efforts of the cultural heritage were discussed. Major recommendations suggest concerted efforts from the government, private sector operators and host communities. Very key are need for investment in infrastructures and the political will to democratically resolve the perennial problem of insecurity.

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