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Green Supply Chain Best Practices in Hospitality Industry in Kenya

Cyrus Saul Amemba

The purpose of the paper was to highlight the green supply chain best practices in the Kenyan hospitality industry. The rise in greenhouse emissions and pollution of the environments by firms has precipitated the need for organizations to realign their supply chain operations with a view of conserving the scarce resources. Firms in the hospitality industry rely on energy and water as their key resource inputs in ensuring that they offer better services to clients. The paper looks at how firms in the hospitality industry in Kenya are implementing green procurement, green design, green operations, green manufacturing and waste management as green supply chain best practices. This is a conceptual paper and the methodology used is a desktop research in which in depth literature review is done to highlight green supply chain practices among firms in the Kenyan hospitality industry. In reviewing the best practices, the paper utilizes data from the Eco-Tourism Kenya database of sustainable practices employed by different firms in the hospitality industry through the eco rating certification scheme. The analysis is based on previously conducted research from books and relevant journals and articles. The findings of the paper confirm that firms within the hospitality industry are implementing global green supply chain management best practices as they strive to achieve sustainability within their operations. The study concludes that firms within the hospitality industry in Kenya need to enhance the levels of implementing green supply chain practices in managing their operations. This is an emerging supply chain management paradigm that will enable firms to realize long term sustainability in their operations.