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Green Entrepreneurship Development Strategy Based on Local Characteristic to Support Power Eco-Tourism Continuous at Lombok

Soenarto Soenarto, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Anastasia Riani Suprapti, Rum Handayani and Putu Sudira

The development of ecotourism can not be separated from the empowerment of local communities and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The purpose of this research is to develop ecotourism development and planning model, especially the relationship between ecotourism and sustainable community development through green entrepreneurship development strategy by highlighting local uniqueness as the main weapon to enhance the attractiveness of ecotourism destination in NTB Province. This research activity is planned to be done in 3 (three) stages with a period of 3 years. Results of primary and secondary data collection have obtained SWOT picture which is useful to make the draft of village tourism policy in lombok NTB. Green Village based tourism entreprenuership and local wisdom to enhance tourist attraction to Lombok NTB: Output, governance system of green entrepreneur development and Tourism Village in NTB province, consisting of (a) Policy of developing green entrepreneur and tourism village for ecotourism destination development (b) Action Plan green entrepreneur and green product (c) Planning Indicators and (d) Monitoring and evaluation system. Other outputs are accredited and internationally accredited international scientific journals as well as teaching materials for the Faculty of Economics and Business and Tourism Vocational Program at Universitas SebelasMaret (UNS) and Yogyakarta State University; Outcome, in the form of governance and development of green entrepreneur development policy, green product for weaving and pearl, green labeling and tourism village so that the realization of ecotourism based on sustainable community empowerment in NTB province.