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Giant Mesenteric Cyst Co-Existing with Pregnancy at Term

Aliyu S, Buba AA and Ningi AB

Mesenteric cyst is a cyst related to the mesentery of the small bowel, a rare benign abdominal tumour that grows along the root of small bowel mesentery. It is often diagnosed incidentally on routine abdominal examination or radiological investigation for a progressive abdominal swelling or present as an emergency due to complications. It may present with acute abdominal pain due to haemorrhagic degeneration, secondary infection, torsion or rupture with subsequent peritonitis. It thought to originate from various embryological misnomers without a consensus on its aetiopathogenesis. Surgical excision remains the best method of treatment. Diagnosis is often missed despite the description of its clinical demonstrative features by the French Surgeon Paul Jules Tillaux. We present a case of giant (6 kg) mesenteric cyst that co-existed with pregnancy. Based on the literature review, this may be the first reported case of such co-existence.