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Genetic Diversity Cucumber Using Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR)

Singh DK, Rajani Tewari, Singh NK and Shashank S Singh

Cucumber is an important vegetable crop grown worldwide. Genetic diversity and similarity among 11 cucumber genotypes viz. PCUCP-2, PCUCP-3, Nun-3139, Nun-3121, Nun-3141, Infinity, Isatis and Kian and PCUC-8, PCUC- 15 and PCUC-28 were grown under greenhouse conditions in G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. Fresh and young leaves were collected from each genotype. The leaves were cut into small bits and ground to powder using liquid nitrogen. Genomic DNA was then isolated using modified CTAB method. The genetic diversity and similarity was estimated by using 8 ISSR markers. The 6 ISSR primers generated a total of 49 polymorphic alleles. On the basis of ISSR data, dendrogram clustered the genotypes into two major clusters and five sub-clusters. Among all the genotypes a total of 40-100% polymorphism was observed. The number of alleles produced by different primers ranged from 5 to 14 with an average of 9.5 alleles per primer and the level of polymorphism was observed 88.88%. The similarity value ranged from 35% to 96%. Three monocious genotypes viz. PCUC-8, PCUC-15 and PCUC-28 (Pant Khira-1) were grouped in one cluster with 96% similarity, whereas parthenocarpic genotypes in another cluster. Therefore it is concluded that characterization and determination of diversity among parthenocarpic and monocious cucumber is done, this information can be utilized for formulation of efficient breeding programme of cucumber.