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Fostering Customer Service in the Digital Age Through Social Media: An Evaluation of How Hospitality Industry Use Facebook for Public Relations Purposes

Comfort M. Klutse and Elvis Asorwoe

Public relations studies have often examined dialogue and engagement with clients and customers using social media. However, studies have not explored the dynamics of the use of social media in the hospitality industry for building a customer relationship. More importantly, studies examining the dynamics of social media use for public relations purposes in the hospitality industry in developing countries in Africa are very scanty. Studies on social media have instead, focused on developed countries while limited in scope regarding the hospitality industry. The purpose of this study is to enhance the use of social media in the hospitality industry in Ghana, by examining how Facebook is adopted among hotels in Ghana for the purpose of public relations to maintain customers and foster good communication. A content analysis of 800 posts and updates from 70 hotels in Ghana indicates that the hospitality industry is making good use of Facebook for public relations purposes. However, the use of Facebook was more in oneway informational messages rather than two-way information sharing. This result is explained and its implication for the hospitality industry for public relations and customer service.