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Factors Influencing Choice of Banks in a Millennial Customer Perspective

Dr. Cris Abraham Kochukalam, Jithin K Thomas & Merlin B Joseph

There has been a tremendous improvement in the way financial institutions operate and this is primarily based on the need to generate sufficient competitive advantage in the competitive scenario within the regulatory boundaries. Customer knowledge about the financial institutions and the choice of a large portfolio of products and services has resulted in enhancing the customer perspectives towards the financial institutions and their products and services. This study is to present the most important factor influencing customers in respect of selecting a bank by customer in Kerala with specific reference to the age group of 21 to 30 years typically termed as the Millennial customer segment. In particular, it finds factors of relevance , which have become significantly important in motivating the choice of banks . The finding shows that the 24 hour availability of ATMs , speed and quality of services, Online banking facility , convenient ATM locations , effective and efficient customer service and several number of branches are significantly relevant