European Optometry Congress scheduled on May 22-23, 2021 at Rome, Italy | Abstract
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European Optometry Congress scheduled on May 22-23, 2021 at Rome, Italy

Chai Fang and Zhao Xiquan

Optometry is a health care profession that involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease. Being a regulated profession, an optometrist's scope of practice may differ depending on the location. Thus, disorders or diseases detected outside the treatment scope of   apply unit of measurement referred resolute relevant medical professionals for genuine care, more commonly to ophthalmologists who are physicians that specialize in tertiary medical and surgical care of the eye. Optometrists generally work closely at the side of different eye care professionals like ophthalmologists and opticians to deliver quality and economical eye care to the final public.
Rome Euro Optometry 2021 is an event that aims to explore the ways to innovate in the field of Optometry, and to find new technique and improvement for better surgery at Rome, Italy on May 22-23, 2021. The conference will serve as a platform to bring together leading chemists with different specialties such as; Cornea, Retina, Optics & Vision Science and Retinal Surgery etc. European optometry Congress will discuss on the topics such as Paediatric Optometry, Visual Neuroscience, Iris Disorders, Eye Surgery, Ophthalmic Lenses and Clinical Optometry

European Optometry 2021 supported by the organizing committee network of renowned scientific and professional expert such as Dr. J. Gregory Rosenthal, St. Louis University Medical Center, USA, Dr. Agarwal, India, Dr. Marco Abbondanza, Italy, Dr. Ralf-Christian Lerche, Germany. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami Florida in top institute, it provided a platform for collaboration among colleagues, vendors, and academia to reveal new innovations, solutions, ideas, and emerging technologies in ophthalmology.

The GDP is projected to rise by 2.5 percent in 2019, 1.9 percent in 2021 and 1.8 percent in 2021. The Ophthalmology will be source of strength, with growth of 2.5 percent in 2019 and 3.0 percent in 2021. In fact, Ophthalmology growth will exceed that of the US economy through 2024.

Global Euro Optometry Conferences going to be held during February, 2021 to October, 2021 at various cities in Europe (London, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, Dublin, Edinburgh…. And Many More..!!! 
The participants can exchange and share their research results covering the scientific aspect of Ophthalmology & Ophthalmology Techniques, Ophthalmology in Treatment and Care, Ophthalmology Management and Retina and Retinal Diseases, Cornea Disorders And Treatment, Ophthalmology Surgery, Glaucoma: A Vision Loss, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Neurotrophic Keratopathy, New Surgical Treatments For Glaucoma Refractive Errors in Children in the Ophthalmology Conference 2021. The conference will encourage Young Researcher’s Forum, scientists and the researchers in their early stage of career graph to widely discuss their outcome so as to enrich and develop the idea. The ‘Best Poster Award’ is meant to encourage students in taking an active part in the International Science platform to sharpen their skills and knowledgebase. 
The Sponsor in the Ophthalmology Conference 2021 can reach and get exposure to new clients, customers, business, brand awareness, and media exposure. The sponsorship has different levels of Premium Sponsorship Packages: Elite Sponsor, Silver Sponsor, Gold Sponsor, Exhibition, Additional Sponsorship Packages, and Advertisements. The 5th Global Pediatric Ophthalmology Congress will consist of organizing committee network of a renowned scientific and professional expertise.
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Published Date: 2020-09-28; Received Date: 2020-08-01