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Emotional Intelligence and work performance of department managers of the Northern Mexican Union Adventist Headquarters

Catalina Guardiola and Karla S. Basurto Gutierrez

Research studies have shown that success in businesses lays on the right use applied to emotional intelligence over the individuals working in there. The main purpose of this research study is to get close enough to know the selfperception of the emotional intelligence level as a predictor of work performance. It has to respond to the following questions: what is the self-perception of emotional intelligence level to the leaders of the Northern Mexico Adventist Headquarters and the existing relation with its work performance? Is there a significant relationship between selfperception of emotional intelligence and the following factors: years of service, academic level and the organization in which they work? This research study was transversal and descriptive. 73 managers participated. According to the results, it can be determined that, indeed, there is a positive and significant influence on a high level of emotional influence, upon the level of self-perceived work performance by the leaders, and that the years of service and the academic levels did not show any significant difference on it.

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