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Emerging Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility in India- A Descriptive Study

Swati Sharma, Reshu Sharma and Jugal Kishor

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), can be described as, the continuous dedication by corporations towards the economic and social development of communities in which they operate. It is the moral obligation to do something for the betterment of others without expecting anything in return. Today, CSR in India has gone beyond simply charity and donations, and is approached in a more organized fashion. It has become an integral part of the corporate strategy. Companies have CSR teams that formulate specific policies, strategies and goals for their CSR programs and set aside budgets to support them. The basic objective of CSR in these days is to maximize the company's overall impact on the society and stakeholders. CSR has gone through many phases in India. In this paper we analyze the fundamental changes in prototype of corporate social responsibility and the new innovative practices being applied for its implementation in the last decade in India.

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