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Emerging Green Finance in India: Its Challenges and Opportunities

K.Sudhalakshmi and Dr.K.M.Chinnadorai

This study shows the recent trend and future opportunities in green finance in the emerging India. A group of pioneering cities have demonstrated that energy efficiency conserves natural resources, strengthens resilience to meteorological disruptions, and leads to substantial savings in fossil fuel. Co-operations across the governments at various levels are most important. The national government can support the cities by increasing the funding which suites the energy saving and also locally administrated. The different mandates, expertise, and the multijurisdictional fluidity of most environmental problems, collaboration amongst neighboring municipalities, regions, and the national government, is of paramount importance. By suggesting new policies to the local authorities for the issuance of emission permits and/or for monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions. Perhaps the most common obstacle to the growth of the “green city”, especially during the current economic crisis, is the lack of funding for environmentally friendly infrastructure. Urban climate change policies will have consequences for city’s budgets for which new solutions are required. The sustainable local development can be made through the Green taxes so that more incentives can be provided and also to perform the existing program in an innovative manner. The government can be fiscally sound and innovative programmes and also environmentally good the in the practice of purchasing the green procurement. But also the climatic source of energy plays a vital role. In that water plays a major role because many cities around the world are already facing the importance of water stresses due to large amount of demands. So this paper implicates the valuable suggestions to meet the above all mentioned crises pertaining in our country.