Fungal Genomics & Biology

Fungal Genomics & Biology
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Brevibacillus Spp. in Agroecology: The Beneficial Impacts in Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens and Soil Bioremediation

Ahmed IS Ahmed, Amal M Omer, Amr IM Ibrahim and Mohamed K Agha

The genus Bacillus and related genera are distributed vastly in nature and contain thermophilic, psychrophilic, alkalophilic, acidophilic, and halophilic bacteria that utilize a wide range of carbon sources for autotrophs or heterotrophic growth. A lot of bioactive metabolites have been detected, as bioactive compounds produced by biocontrol agents such as the bacterial genus of Brevibacillus. In this review, we summarize the general characteristics and properties of the Brevibacillus genus as biocontrol agents, taxonomy, phylogeny, identification and the impact of Brevibacillus as a biological control agent of plant disease combat and soil bioremediation.