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Effects of Management Use of Motivation on Workers’ Job Commitment: An Empirical Investigation of Tertiary Institutions in South-Western Nigeria

Awolusi, Olawumi Dele, Onikoyi and Adegboyega

This paper examines the perceived effects of management use of motivation on workers’ job commitment in tertiary institutions in South-western Nigeria. The empirical study was conducted via the administration of 2,680 questionnaires on teaching and non-teaching staff of selected institutions. Using the framework from Aborisade and Obioha (2009) and Khong (2005), factors manifesting employee’s job commitment were regressed on the key factors manifesting successful motivation. The dataset from the sample underwent series of statistical analysis (validity and reliability analysis, factor analysis-exploratory and confirmatory- and hypothesis testing). This study confirmed that motivation had a significant association on workers’ job commitment. The empirical analysis conducted on the data revealed that workers of the institutions were not well motivated. The motivation schemes designed for the workers were not adequate and able to meet up with the level of expectation of the employees. The findings could be used by Nigerian universities to compose strategies to optimise their management of workers job commitment and motivational/reward policies. Policy implications were highlighted at the end of this report.