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Effectiveness of Tanjung Kelayang Tourist Destination Publication with the Epic Model Approach

Ninin Gusdini, Lisa Ratnasari*, Bernard Hasibuan and Sihono Dwi Waluyo

Tourism in Belitung regency, after the film “Laskar Pelangi” was booming, showed a remarkable increase. The number of tourist visits has continued to increase by an average of 35% in the past 6 years. In this millennial era, the development of tourist destinations must pay attention to efficient and effective publication strategies. Now the effective promotion media are social media, which are borderless. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a research to measure the effectiveness of publications using the EPIC model method. It is found that the total mean score of the respondents’ opinions on indicators measuring dimensions is 3.59 for the empathy dimension, 3.86 for the persuasion dimension, 3.66 for the impact dimension, and 3.57 for the communication dimension. The EPIC rate of 3.67 is of the effective category. This shows that the publication of Tanjung Kelayang Tourist City has been effective in communicating its service products to tourists.

Published Date: 2019-12-27; Received Date: 2019-11-11