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Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Effectiveness Comparison of Range Estimator for Battery Electric Vehicles

Chew KW and Yong YR

Battery electric vehicle is a promising candidate for future passenger vehicles due to its potential to reduce air pollution, high energy usage effficiency, and has regenerative braking. However, due to the limited range and price, potential vehicle onwers are reluctant to consider owning an EV. Moreover, the limited range of BEV has caused range anxiety among the driver. Other than improving the technology of BEV to increase the driving range, range estimator can be useful in reducing the range anxiety of BEV drivers. The conventional range estimator is used like a fuel gauge; to give a general guideline on when to recharge the vehicle and is not absolute. To further increase the confidence in BEV driving, trip based range estimation can be used in parallel with the conventional method to reduce the range anxiety.