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Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
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Effect of Pidotimod, Astragalus and Eachnicea on Immune Response and Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks

Ahmed Ata El-Sayed Wahdan, Fatma Mohamed Ahmed Youssef, Mostafa Fayaz Mohamed Hassan and Waleed Fathey Khalil

This experiment was done to investigate the effects of dietary Pidotimod, Astragalus and Eachnicea supplementation in water on blood analysis, immune response, growth performance and histopathological changes of broiler chicks. A total of 200 healthy one day-old Cobb chicks were divided into 4 treatment; dietary treatment groups were; control, Eachnicea, Pidotimod and Astragalus. The results revealed that, Pidotimod, Astragalus and Eachnicea treatment highly increased the growth performance and final body weight as compared to control as well as the immune response at 21 and 35 days. Histopathological investigation of lymphoid organs; bursa Fabricius, thymus and spleen showed the normal structure of lymphoid follicle proliferation and hyperplasia of lymphocytes in all the supplemented groups. It could be concluded that, Pidotimod, Astragalus and Eachnicea has immunostimulant with a good growth promotion in poultry farming.