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Education Level as a Determinant of Micro Credit Access by Women Owned Micro and Small Enterprises in Kenya: A Case Study of Kakamega Town

Abraham A. Malenya, Michael Okumu Ujunju and Arnety Nangila Makokha***

This research study sought to analyze education level as a determinant of micro credit access by Women owned MSEs in Kakamega Town. The study was guided by the following research objective: To investigate the extent to which education level influence micro credit access the research study incorporated the use of descriptive research design and the population of study comprised of MSEs Kakamega Town. The study adopted stratified random sampling approach to select a sample of 98 and a researcher administered questionnaire was used to facilitate the acquisition of primary data. Data was analyzed by the use of descriptive and inferential statistics with the aid of SPSS and thereafter presented in the form of tables. The study established that education level of the women does not influence micro credit access since the significance level for the chi-square statistic was greater than 0.05 (0.740). From the study, it is conclude that education level of the respondents does not have significant influence on micro credit accessibility.

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