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Economic Shifts in Industrial IFDI during the Great Recession

Dr. James Tanoos

Multinationals operating in America tend to be clustered in the manufacturing sector. This paper explores the evolving origins of this global industry producing and assembling goods in America. American Inward Foreign Direct Investment (IFDI) related to industry has increasingly become an important cog in the domestic economy, although multinational manufacturing has traditionally invested less in America than in other countries as a percentage of all industry. Following the trend of an increasing American reliance on international industry investment for the health of the national economy, this study will assess developments in American IFDI since the international economic stagnation starting in 2007. Using government data from 1997-2011, American IFDI trends by region, including Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific, will be examined in order to assess these shifts from past norms. Areas of the world increasing in American IFDI as well as trends in domestic manufacturing rates originating from these countries will also be identified.

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