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Do Vacations Really Make Us Happier? Exploring the Relationships between Wellness Tourism, Happiness and Quality of Life

Alana Dillette, Alecia Douglas and David Martin

The aim of this study was to examine the relationships between tourists’ positive psychological well-being and satisfaction with quality of life (QOL). More specifically, this study examined tourists’ well-being using the PERMA model of well-being developed by Seligman and its capacity to predict QOL. This paper examines the differences between wellness and non-wellness tourists as it relates to well-being and QOL. Additionally, this study examined the importance/performance ratings of well-being experiences while travelling. To capture these relationships, 862 respondents answered questions about their well-being while travelling and satisfaction with quality of life. Confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling and importance performance analysis were employed to answer the research questions. Results suggest that the PERMA model does not contribute to QOL. Wellness travelers experience greater connection between overall health and QOL. Generally, the travel and tourism industry is performing up to the expectations of both wellness and non-wellness tourists. Both theoretical and managerial implications are discussed. Future research evaluating the existence of positive psychological well-being within the tourism context is warranted.