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Democratic Governance and Poverty Alleviation: Empirical Study of Ekiti State, Nigeria

Bakare, H.A, Kareem, R.O, Babatunde D, Akintaro, J.A, and Arije A.R.

The research work is on democratic governance and poverty alleviation: Empirical study of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Descriptive statistics was adopted to capture the objectives of the study. The results found out that majority are males and are within the age bracket of between 31-50 years, which is an indication that majority are still in their active and productive age. More so, majority fall within the low income bracket. The results of the study implied that most people believed that the present government is in the right direction, which have attendant implication on the poverty alleviation of the citizens of Ekiti State. Most respondents are of the opinion that the government performances in the area of economy, health, education and environmental sectors have been fair. Also, results revealed that majority of the respondents agreed to definitely use their votes as way of booting out any failed government in the State.