Deciphering Hidden DNA Meta-Codes -The Great Unification andamp; Master Code of Biology | Abstract
Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics

Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics
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ISSN: 2153-0637


Deciphering Hidden DNA Meta-Codes -The Great Unification & Master Code of Biology

Jean-claude Perez

This article presents multi-layered basic research culminating in what we call the Master Code of Biology. First, we review the “Formula for Life” discovery. This simple formula unifies all the components of life, structuring them in a kind of “Periodic table of Biology”. These components include bio-atoms, CONHSP, nucleotides, UTCAG, amino acids, DNA and RNA strands, proteins, genes, chromosomes and genomes. This discovery opens the door to powerful insights in exobiology, proposing a specific life-emerging constraint on the tuning and balancing of isotope proportions. Second, we introduce the “Master Code of Biology”, digital language supplying a common alphabet to the three fundamental languages of Genetics, Biology and Genomics. This synthesis goes above and beyond their three representative DNA, RNA and amino acids codes. There is a universal common code which unifies, connects and contains all these three languages. This “Master Code of Biology” provides a great Unification between the Master Code patterned images of Genomics (DNA) and Proteomics (amino acids), which appear highly correlated while RNA images curiously appear flat like a neutral or zero-like code. Third, the functionality of this discovery is evidenced by two examples. Analyzing textures of the Genomic and Proteomic patterned curves reveals the emergence of binary codes and discrete waveforms. These predict the well-known karyotypes- white/grey/black bands overlapping and characterizing the human chromosomes. Mapping “the Master Code of Biology” to SNP genomic areas, we show that SNPs are determined to be more functional by their location within the genome than by their local values– TCAG nucleotide changes. Finally, we demonstrate that a chromosomal DNA sequences systematic reshaping combined with periodic waves highlighted above brings out, at whole chromosome scale, interferometry-like interference fields manifested by resonances, tunings, and even resonances that exhibit Fibonacci number proportions differentiating human and great primates at whole chromosome4 scale.