Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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Cross Culture – A Hurdle in Communication

Meenu Rani

All international business activity involves communication. And the managers, executives have to face cross culture differences. Within the international and global business environment, activities such as exchanging information and ideas, decision making, negotiating, motivating, and leading are all based on the ability of managers from one culture to communicate successfully with managers and employees from other cultures. Achieving effective communication is a challenge to managers worldwide even when the workforce is culturally homogeneous, but when one company includes a variety of languages and cultural backgrounds, effective two-way communication becomes even more difficult. Cross-cultural communication occurs when a person from one culture sends a message to a person from another culture. Cross-cultural miscommunication occurs when the person from the second culture does not receive the sender's intended message. The greater the differences between the sender's and the receiver's cultures, the greater the chance for cross-cultural miscommunication and to understand the problems of communication among the different culture becomes important to avoid miscommunication. This study aims to take into limelight these problems and suggestions to solve them.