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Correlation of a Serological Proteome and Lung Cancer Prognosis

Yongzhen Zhang, Wenyan Wu, Fang Su, Zhaohui Ma, Yi Xu, Yuan Wang, Ling Cao, Ruifeng Zhang, Xinchen Wang, Guodong Li, Jianzhong Ma and Christopher I Amos

Abstract Background To study the correlation of the lost goodwill target (LGT) proteome and the prognosis in patients with lung cancer and explore whether the LGT proteome can be used as an accurate and reliable prognostic biomarker for lung cancer. Methods One hundred eighty eight patients with lung cancer were enrolled in the Shanxi Cancer Hospital, China. For each patient, LGT test in serum was performed using the technique SELDITOF-MS after the pathological diagnosis. Kaplan- Meier survival analysis, Log-rank test and multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression analysis were performed to explore the influence of LGT different expression on the prognosis. Results The median survival times were 865 and 514 days in the LGT negative and LGT positive groups, respectively. There was statistically significant difference between the two survival curves, and the survival rate of the LGT negative group was higher than that of the LGT positive (χ2=5.757, P=0.016). Multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression analysis confirmed that the LGT proteome (RR=1.5, 95% CI 1.075~2.196, P=0.019) predicted for death. Conclusion Our results showed that the prognosis of lung cancer is related to LGT proteome expression, suggesting that LGT may be regarded as one of the serological protein that signs a poor prognosis in lung cancer and has important clinical significance in predicting illness development.