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Correlation between Ambient Scent and the Brand Positioning within Consumers’ Unconscious Self

Ooi Wan Yun and Dr. Rashad Yazdanifard

Ambient scent has the strongest impact in enhancing consumer behavior in terms of cognitive, emotion, evaluation, willingness to return to the store and purchasing intention compared to any other atmospheric variables. Congruity and incongruity of ambient scent both have similar positive effects on the consumers’ behavior. Stimulus Organisms Response Paradigm (S-O-R) claimed that scent is a very important environment cue to affect the behavior of patrons. Brand positioning can be improved with the specific scent used by retailers as scent had a unique system towards the human memory. Sensory advertisement is becoming a trend in the new century market as it can enhance the search motive and purchasing intention that exists within consumers. Appropriate scent is the right key to avoid negative behavior on ambient scent. This research’s aim is to raise awareness towards the benefits acquirable by implementing ambient scent into retailers’ outlets and aim to help consumers understand the use of ambient scent.

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